I know I post this late I will not make this a habit but I post so that even though I am late I see it though. The echo that I feel that really resonates with me would be justice. One of the most basic parts of the most basic parts of justice that I see in my day to day life is feeding the poor and the less fortunate. This is something that I grew up with and was taught at a basic level and has stayed strong in my life no matter where I live or who I meet.


It would amaze and still amazes me to this and still amazes to this day that without fail that every time I ask God to open my eyes and reveal the people you want me to see that almost in an instant He shows me somebody or brings somebody to me that I would have not seen in my day to day life. Not because they weren’t there last week or that they didn’t exist till that moment but that at that point my heart and mind are open to the things of God and to see what injustice he is immediately calling me to In those moments it makes me hunger for more and expresses it self in ways of worship and the arts and the weekly outreach in our community and I feel that I’m that person God has always wanted me to be at that moment.


There are some many examples in the bible of Gods heart for justice the way God intended it to be but my favorite story would have to be the thief on the cross (Luke 23:39-43). Jesus who hangs on the cross and is in unimaginable pain and still at His last moments on the cross still has compassion and forgiveness for thief. Even though the thief probably deserves everything that he gets at that moment God sees past what the world thinks he deserves and sees the man he was always ment to be and at his last moments still forgives in the midst of pain.



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